GAS Audio was established in 1977.  GAS Audio stereo restorations refurbish Great American Sound and Sumo equipment and other vintage high-end gear. Rather than replacing your familiar-sounding component, we offer you an uncompromising alternative: retaining the familiar sonic signature of your equipment while integrating today’s technology with yesterday’s restored and polished hardware to create a product competitive with today’s finer audio equipment. While retaining the original designer’s ingenuity and sonic signature, our rebuilds restore your equipment to physically (to the extent possible) and sonically new condition, thanks to advances in audio grade electronic components and the fanatical and enthusiastic dedication to detail and craftsmanship of GAS Audio engineers and technicians! gas audio stereo restorations bring your equipment back to life! 

You will experience revived senses of clarity, airiness, transparency, neutrality, coherence, focus and ambiance, with accurate imaging and enhanced depth. Natural musical lead-ins and decays no longer smear. The low-level grittiness is gone and the bass is once again punchy and crisp. It will sound at ease, not stressed, at the frequency extremes. Our rebuilds provide the emotional involvement that listening to music is all about. As Billy Joel says in Piano Man, you “forget about life for a while”.


Son of Ampzilla

Sumo Nine


State of the art, even today, when rebuilt. Read Dick Olsher's review of our Reference Rebuild:
A Bongiorno classic, still in high demand. Read James Jarvis's review of our Nine Restoration: 
The Son is one of Bongiorno's best designs. Read James Jarvis's review of our Son Restoration: 
The top of the GAS line of preamps, the Thaedra is the sweetest sounding preamp short of taking out a second mortgage!

Great American Sound (GAS) Audio stereo restorations

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